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How does the COOLWALL® System compare to those coatings claiming to be “ceramic”?

The so called "ceramic" coatings actually are ordinary coatings that have had small ceramic spheres added.

How does COOLWALL® reflect heat without changing color?

The ability of COOLWALL® to keep wall surfaces cooler is based on its ability to reflect a much greater percentage of the...

What is the life of the COOLWALL® SYSTEM?

"The COOLWALL® System is designed to last a lifetime. Testing in our state-of-the-art..."

What are the potential cost savings with COOLWALL®?

COOLWALL® has been tested by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to reduce cooling costs by up to 21.9%...

How does COOLWALL® relate to a Wall System “R” Rating?

COOLWALL® does not work by an "insulation" process and thus it does not have an "R value" (R stands for resistance).

How long does it take to have COOLWALL® put on my home?

It takes approximately one week.
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