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Windows & Doors

Why should I replace my existing window/doors?

We offer many styles to give your home a beautiful new look while improving energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of installing a new door or window in my home?

A major benefit to improving your home's doors or windows comes when you begin to save money on energy costs.

How long will it take to get my replacement window/doors?

Our replacement window/doors will be installed within 4-6 weeks from the date that the final measurements are taken.


ENERGY STAR is an independent U.S. government program establishing a standard set of guidelines to recognize the energy efficiency of various products.

What do I do if there is a problem with the window/door?

In the rare occasion you have a problem with your window/door, please call or email us and we will have our service manager fix your window/door.

What type of warranty is available for my window/doors?

All of our replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty.

What happens to my old window/doors?

After installing your new window/doors we remove every bit of debris from your property and dispose of it properly.

Will the replacement windows/doors be installed from the inside or outside?

The majority of our replacement window/doors are installed from the inside.

How does the COOLWALL® System compare to those coatings claiming to be “ceramic”?

The so called "ceramic" coatings actually are ordinary coatings that have had small ceramic spheres added.

How can I prepare my house for my replacement window/doors?

Please take down curtains, blinds, or any other window treatments.

How does COOLWALL® reflect heat without changing color?

The ability of COOLWALL® to keep wall surfaces cooler is based on its ability to reflect a much greater percentage of the...

What is the life of the COOLWALL® SYSTEM?

"The COOLWALL® System is designed to last a lifetime. Testing in our state-of-the-art..."

What are the potential cost savings with COOLWALL®?

COOLWALL® has been tested by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to reduce cooling costs by up to 21.9%...

How does COOLWALL® relate to a Wall System “R” Rating?

COOLWALL® does not work by an "insulation" process and thus it does not have an "R value" (R stands for resistance).

How long does it take to have COOLWALL® put on my home?

It takes approximately one week.

What is Radiant Barrier?

Radiant Barrier is a special type of reflective foil attic insulation that acts as a radiant heat barrier...

Do I need to have other insulation in my attic in order for this product to be effective?

No. Radiant Barrier may be installed on top of your present insulation or stapled under your rafters or crawl space.

What will I save with Radiant Barrier?

Radiant Barrier will block up to 97% of radiant heat in your home and you will see a tremendous savings in your heating and cooling bills.

How does it work?

Radiant Barrier simply acts as a radiant heat barrier by reflecting radiant heat back in the direction which it came from.

How long does it take to install Radiant Barrier in my attic?

It typically takes one day.
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